Monday, June 29, 2015
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syndication feeds

What are syndication feeds?

Syndication feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest updates in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to visit the website you have taken the feed from. Feeds are also known as RSS. There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but for most it is 'Really Simple Syndication'. In essence, the feeds themselves are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people. If you're new to RSS, we recommend you read "How to explain RSS the Oprah way".

How do I use feeds?

You need a news reader. This is a piece of software that checks the feeds and lets you read any new content that has been added. There are many different versions, some of which are accessed using a browser, and some of which are downloadable applications.

You can subscribe using web-based services such as:

You can also subscribe right from your browser:

Saver Source provides access to its syncidated content in a variety of formats. Available feeds are listed below.

Announcements Announcements rss 2.0 feed Announcements atom feed
  Free Offerings Free Offerings rss 2.0 feed Free Offerings atom feed
  Garage Sales Garage Sales rss 2.0 feed Garage Sales atom feed
  Lost & Found Lost & Found rss 2.0 feed Lost & Found atom feed
  Personals Personals rss 2.0 feed Personals atom feed
  Public Announcements Public Announcements rss 2.0 feed Public Announcements atom feed
  Religious Announcements Religious Announcements rss 2.0 feed Religious Announcements atom feed
  Tickets & Events Tickets & Events rss 2.0 feed Tickets & Events atom feed
Employment Employment rss 2.0 feed Employment atom feed
  Career Training Career Training rss 2.0 feed Career Training atom feed
  Job Offerings Job Offerings rss 2.0 feed Job Offerings atom feed
  Miscellaneous Jobs Miscellaneous Jobs rss 2.0 feed Miscellaneous Jobs atom feed
  Part Time Jobs Part Time Jobs rss 2.0 feed Part Time Jobs atom feed
  Accounting Jobs Accounting Jobs rss 2.0 feed Accounting Jobs atom feed
  Office Jobs Office Jobs rss 2.0 feed Office Jobs atom feed
  Engineering Jobs Engineering Jobs rss 2.0 feed Engineering Jobs atom feed
  Design and Media Jobs Design and Media Jobs rss 2.0 feed Design and Media Jobs atom feed
  Business Jobs Business Jobs rss 2.0 feed Business Jobs atom feed
  Customer Service Jobs Customer Service Jobs rss 2.0 feed Customer Service Jobs atom feed
  Education Jobs Education Jobs rss 2.0 feed Education Jobs atom feed
  Food and Beverage Jobs Food and Beverage Jobs rss 2.0 feed Food and Beverage Jobs atom feed
  Labor Jobs Labor Jobs rss 2.0 feed Labor Jobs atom feed
  Government Jobs Government Jobs rss 2.0 feed Government Jobs atom feed
  Human Resources Jobs Human Resources Jobs rss 2.0 feed Human Resources Jobs atom feed
  Computers and Software Jobs Computers and Software Jobs rss 2.0 feed Computers and Software Jobs atom feed
  Legal & Paralegal Jobs Legal & Paralegal Jobs rss 2.0 feed Legal & Paralegal Jobs atom feed
  Manufacturing Jobs Manufacturing Jobs rss 2.0 feed Manufacturing Jobs atom feed
  Marketing Jobs Marketing Jobs rss 2.0 feed Marketing Jobs atom feed
  Healthcare Jobs Healthcare Jobs rss 2.0 feed Healthcare Jobs atom feed
  Nonprofit Jobs Nonprofit Jobs rss 2.0 feed Nonprofit Jobs atom feed
  Real Estate Jobs Real Estate Jobs rss 2.0 feed Real Estate Jobs atom feed
  Retail Jobs Retail Jobs rss 2.0 feed Retail Jobs atom feed
  Sales Jobs Sales Jobs rss 2.0 feed Sales Jobs atom feed
  Health and Beauty Jobs Health and Beauty Jobs rss 2.0 feed Health and Beauty Jobs atom feed
  Security Jobs Security Jobs rss 2.0 feed Security Jobs atom feed
  Skilled Trade Jobs Skilled Trade Jobs rss 2.0 feed Skilled Trade Jobs atom feed
  Transportation Jobs Transportation Jobs rss 2.0 feed Transportation Jobs atom feed
  Entertainment Jobs Entertainment Jobs rss 2.0 feed Entertainment Jobs atom feed
  Writing and Editing Jobs Writing and Editing Jobs rss 2.0 feed Writing and Editing Jobs atom feed
Merchandise Merchandise rss 2.0 feed Merchandise atom feed
  Appliances Appliances rss 2.0 feed Appliances atom feed
  Automotive Items Automotive Items rss 2.0 feed Automotive Items atom feed
  Construction Items Construction Items rss 2.0 feed Construction Items atom feed
  Commercial Items Commercial Items rss 2.0 feed Commercial Items atom feed
  Computers Computers rss 2.0 feed Computers atom feed
  Electronics Electronics rss 2.0 feed Electronics atom feed
  Furniture Furniture rss 2.0 feed Furniture atom feed
  Household Items Household Items rss 2.0 feed Household Items atom feed
  Jewelry Jewelry rss 2.0 feed Jewelry atom feed
  Medical Items Medical Items rss 2.0 feed Medical Items atom feed
  Miscellaneous Items Miscellaneous Items rss 2.0 feed Miscellaneous Items atom feed
  Musical Instruments Musical Instruments rss 2.0 feed Musical Instruments atom feed
  Tools Tools rss 2.0 feed Tools atom feed
  Toys Toys rss 2.0 feed Toys atom feed
Pets Pets rss 2.0 feed Pets atom feed
  Birds Birds rss 2.0 feed Birds atom feed
  Cats Cats rss 2.0 feed Cats atom feed
  Dogs Dogs rss 2.0 feed Dogs atom feed
  Exotic Exotic rss 2.0 feed Exotic atom feed
  Fish Fish rss 2.0 feed Fish atom feed
  Other Pets Other Pets rss 2.0 feed Other Pets atom feed
  Reptiles Reptiles rss 2.0 feed Reptiles atom feed
  Rodents Rodents rss 2.0 feed Rodents atom feed
Services Services rss 2.0 feed Services atom feed
  AC & Heat AC & Heat rss 2.0 feed AC & Heat atom feed
  Appliance Repair Appliance Repair rss 2.0 feed Appliance Repair atom feed
  Babysitting Babysitting rss 2.0 feed Babysitting atom feed
  Beauty Beauty rss 2.0 feed Beauty atom feed
  Carpentry Carpentry rss 2.0 feed Carpentry atom feed
  Carpet & Flooring Carpet & Flooring rss 2.0 feed Carpet & Flooring atom feed
  Cleaning Cleaning rss 2.0 feed Cleaning atom feed
  Computer Computer rss 2.0 feed Computer atom feed
  Construction Construction rss 2.0 feed Construction atom feed
  Electrical Electrical rss 2.0 feed Electrical atom feed
  Glass & Mirrors Glass & Mirrors rss 2.0 feed Glass & Mirrors atom feed
  Handyman Handyman rss 2.0 feed Handyman atom feed
  Healthcare Healthcare rss 2.0 feed Healthcare atom feed
  Income Tax Income Tax rss 2.0 feed Income Tax atom feed
  Lawn Lawn rss 2.0 feed Lawn atom feed
  Legal & Paralegal Legal & Paralegal rss 2.0 feed Legal & Paralegal atom feed
  Locksmith Locksmith rss 2.0 feed Locksmith atom feed
  Miscellaneous Miscellaneous rss 2.0 feed Miscellaneous atom feed
  Painting Painting rss 2.0 feed Painting atom feed
  Pest Control Pest Control rss 2.0 feed Pest Control atom feed
  Plumbing Plumbing rss 2.0 feed Plumbing atom feed
  Remodeling Remodeling rss 2.0 feed Remodeling atom feed
Real Estate Real Estate rss 2.0 feed Real Estate atom feed
  Apartments Apartments rss 2.0 feed Apartments atom feed
  Commercial Properties Commercial Properties rss 2.0 feed Commercial Properties atom feed
  Houses Houses rss 2.0 feed Houses atom feed
  Land & Lots Land & Lots rss 2.0 feed Land & Lots atom feed
  Mobile Homes Mobile Homes rss 2.0 feed Mobile Homes atom feed
  Ranch & Farms Ranch & Farms rss 2.0 feed Ranch & Farms atom feed
  Real Estate Services Real Estate Services rss 2.0 feed Real Estate Services atom feed
  Rooms Rooms rss 2.0 feed Rooms atom feed
  Town Homes Town Homes rss 2.0 feed Town Homes atom feed
Transportation Transportation rss 2.0 feed Transportation atom feed
  Auto Parts & Accessories Auto Parts & Accessories rss 2.0 feed Auto Parts & Accessories atom feed
  Boats Boats rss 2.0 feed Boats atom feed
  Cars Cars rss 2.0 feed Cars atom feed
  Commercial Trucks Commercial Trucks rss 2.0 feed Commercial Trucks atom feed
  Motorcycles Motorcycles rss 2.0 feed Motorcycles atom feed
  RV & ATVs RV & ATVs rss 2.0 feed RV & ATVs atom feed
  Trailers Trailers rss 2.0 feed Trailers atom feed
  Bikes Bikes rss 2.0 feed Bikes atom feed

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